Sanya College continued to recruit business management graduate student

Following the 2010 MBA courses jointly with Sun Yat-sen University student in Sanya, Sanya after the area received good results. 2011 School of Sanya and the Sun Yat-sen University to continue in-depth cooperation, opened the second part of the MBA class, divided into marketing, human resource management, financial management in three directions, and accommodated 50 people, began on June 10 for entries.
Vanguard as an international tourism Island, needed a lot of high-end talents. Sanya College in order to better serve the local economy and give something back to Sanya, in 2010, Sanya college degree in consultation with Sun Yat-sen University and the Guangdong Province, approved, and both schools Union College business administration postgraduate course in Sanya. Sun Yat-sen University select the most excellent teachers for lectures, graduate in business management at the school ranked on the top three.
Sanya College experienced a birth plan every five years, is moving towards a process of ten years of excellence and committed to improving education in Hainan Province quality and training Hainan's efforts on high-quality, international talent, colleges more closely around Sanya in Hainan's economic and social development and the substantial needs of international tourism Island, based on the overall situation of the development of higher education in Hainan, Hainan international talent to contribute. BACK

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