Study abroad is not a fast food not only when the college entrance examination candidate

In recent years, the market's hot, to a certain extent shook "a test for life" tradition of philosophy, in the eyes of some students and parents, college entrance examination abroad has become no less the other way. Industry experts believe that Chinese parents to "relearn" the traditional concept, instead of promoting the development of China's market, this phenomenon of increasing study abroad opportunities, national thresholds are adjusted and reduced to go abroad, studying abroad has become a rigid consumer demand.
United States universities, for example, United States college applicant in consideration when considering high school average, ranking, teaching quality, TOEFL scores, SAT scores, high school student's personal background. United States universities to sign up one year before, in high school when the results came out to start the application. Schools in the top 50 in the three-year deadline for late November to early December, no later than this time. United States application need to prepare the instruments and the application of materials, instruments, production is very important, and often much like the scores of the students applying to schools, can you stand out from the many materials depends entirely on literary talent and content of documents. So the best prepared students often set high goals to study abroad, and two will be informed formally put on the agenda, determine appropriate body began processing, or planning time to start preparing your own applications. So hasty preparation must catch up with the schedule.
Tutoring tips: study planning before the length of the cycle, often determined the meticulous preparatory work or not. In the current scientific and standardized gradually abroad at the same time, students study abroad planning has become a subject of public research, how to lay a good foundation in high school, preparing for study abroad, is crucial. Not cramming in order to go abroad, study abroad is the accumulation of long-term planning, preparing, so that the children can choose the most suitable for their own countries, institutions and professional, not to go abroad and study abroad.
Now most of the personnel abroad, study abroad must have been "is ready to apply for your own material, or spend a lot of the cost of these complex tasks to the more experienced agents to do" confusion about both the pros and cons of the choices more difficult.
Preparation before studying abroad a lot, so plan early not night, only prepared to do so with ease.
In addition, non-intermediary properties now on the market to study in professional planning advice and not many, but has begun to form scale. Those who choose to study in introductory model can make full use of this source of information.
Tutoring tips: select consulting firms consulting team will help the applicant is the key instrument in English writing, pressed for time, juggling their test applications, or class, doing experiments and writing papers to apply for students as well as work and apply for the "busy" is very applicable.
In addition, applicants who have failed, consulting professionals help find the last time is not enough to ensure that the application is successful, at the same time, you also need to have a certain amount of money to prepare for. BACK

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