Universities in Hainan about 49,000 people nationwide admissions schedule released

Recently, the admission plan released at major colleges and universities in the country in June, according to the Haikou tutor know, 2011 national 49,950 students enrolled in Hainan.
According to Haikou tutor know 2011 Joan admits 15 students at Peking University, major in literature and history, respectively 8 candidates, 7 candidates of science. Renmin University of China in 2011, June 17 students enrolled in which literature, class 10, science and engineering 7. 12 graduates of Tsinghua University, with planned enrollment of science 11, literature and history 1 graduates. Plan in June of this year, Beijing Jiaotong University admission 25, 25 of science. Beijing University of technology planned for June 21 students graduating this year. BACK

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