Country boy to College = venture capital?

Rural added why fewer and fewer college students, according to a copy of the report discusses the education of rural children, attracted wide attention. Surveys released showed a significant downward trend in the total number of college students in rural areas. This phenomenon also University geography, school level varied. In a city focused on universities, urban students are generally more rural students and ordinary University is located in two or three cities, generally more students from rural areas than cities.
Changsha city, Haikou have seen online tutoring education into vocational education Director tells a story; she went to the countryside survey, a parent complained to her, "my college entrance exams is the most stressful time at home, in case the children admitted, home zaguomaitie I can not let him go to school, sorry for not only the child but also on not ancestors! "Ji Qin thought, reading the rural family in the" worst fear "thing.
According to calculations, regular undergraduate 4-year least cost 28,000 yuan, equivalent to the net income of farmers in poor counties 35 years, but not many students, tuition is from 3600-13000 Yuan. Under pressure, many poor students in school part-time, or apply for a student loan, but the problem appeared again. Many students reflect, grants are not really devolved into the hands of poor students of the school. Students in a University of Nancy was reflected, "grant implementation is not in place, better-off people clamouring for a quota for the money. "
University of reading, is that many rural children "yuyuelongmen" an important way, but because of "high cost, low cost, return on investment and disproportionate", being called into question. How to recast the rural students ' college dreams, more healthy and rapid development of higher education? Strengthening education, improve the mechanism for rural basic education, facilities are based.
Teachers power, and learning environment, and learning atmosphere, and family nutrition conditions, aspects of insufficient, rural students relative city students in overall by education quality Shang in obviously disadvantage; even minority rural students with talent and efforts caught up with city students of level, but in knowledge, and talent knowledge and experience horizons Shang still by huge of limit, and in entrance before, they is need face also of papers and also standard of assessment, this on rural students for, is a huge of challenge. In addition, urban students can enjoy walks, independent recruitment, more opportunities than rural students abroad. BACK

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