Summer lift "sea summer holiday tutoring" hot how do parents choose

With the coming holidays, training courses, tutoring information is overwhelming with parent side. Face many unknown information credible or not, many parents may not know what. If you find a good tutor, academic help for children is great, however, if wrong, may delay the child a holiday study.
So, how to choose for their children the right of a good tutor does?
Haikou summer tutoring, there are three points to be aware of: one; two; three exchanges.
Look, first of all, security, confirm the tutor's identification. Copy of student ID card or ID card must retain a copy. Secondly, looking at resumes, this students ' tutoring experience, there have been tutoring experience, tend to be better with the children.
Second, through the first trial and listen to teachers how to teach, how to communicate with the child, whether the child can easily receive knowledge. A good teacher will know how to stimulate students ' interest in learning, how speaking kids are more likely to understand the arcane knowledge, clear the solution to this problem, and close student. (I have come across some parents tend not to pay much attention to trials, and had just finished listening to the children the impression judgment, this is very bad, because a lot of tutor may be able to mingle with the children but few genuine ability, there are times when children first impressions may not be accurate, require parents to send checks. And, this is the most basic tutor's respect. ) The three exchanges. Only through direct exchanges can be more clearly the nature of reaction. First of all, before the trial, parents first checks, you can talk with tutor following its views on tutoring, study, have a general understanding of the situation. Could talk about after the trial's views on children, prepared to review plan. Secondly, in peacetime than teacher master children's learning progress.
Summer tutoring on principles as a tutor in Haikou.
First, not all children need to find a tutor. Many parents see neighbors find a tutor his children, for fear their children will fall behind others, anxious to find a tutor. In fact, this is not necessary.
In General, the tutors there are two situations: first, children (s) account is very poor, or don't understand, influence want to tutor children to master the discipline of learning (or entry). Second is the kids have good grades, teachers only explain it to his individual does not know the topic. Parents should first figure out your kids what kind of situation will tutor in the first category, while the second you need to listen to the views of the children themselves.
Second, reasonable parenting time. This refers to a coaching and not excessive, a period of tuition not too full. If the child has no days off, no happy holidays, but will he not interested in learning, even if they settle for parenting arrangements, may also cause "chewing the meat is not bad" situation. Might as well take "fewer but better" and "break up" the way kids get down to study, to play happily. Such a method of work and rest are triggered his enthusiasm for learning, and successful solution to the existing problems in learning. Wouldn't this be good?
Three, not diplomas the better students more fit for children's tutor, and find people to speak as much as possible, through their own judgments and our children. For their children, is the best.
Four, respect for one's own children, respected tutor. It is important to know your attitude affects your child's learning. Put mentality, don't feel that you give people money, superior. BACK

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