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15 year old girl and even jump in Henan 5 admitted to Huazhong University of science and

"At the age of 15 universities, exam 646-read Dayang Department of architecture, school of architecture and urban planning. "Lilac sportswear, ear hair in two pigtails, yesterday, when Xu Jingjing in Huazhong University of science and new scene, all the little girls as young as 15 years old is full of curiosity.
Xu Jingjing from xuchang, Henan, in her mother's who came to school for registration. Standing on the new site, she looked from time to time, holding her mother's hand to ask questions in a low voice.
Xu Jingjing in the read-only had to skip three grades in primary school to junior high school, junior high school read a year successfully went to the local high school, and three years later to Huazhong University of science.
The dormitory, MOM just out quilts and other items from the Cabinet, Xu Jingjing took off his shoes and did go to bed starting hanging nets, making the bed, and her mother works in the following acts as her assistant.
At first, journalists worried about such a small child can't wash clothes, she quipped: "not specifically studied, but there should be no problem with dot. "
Xu Jingjing's mother says daughter high school has started to live on campus, he was not too sure, every one or two days to visit his daughter, but soon fine ceramics used to living life, learned to take care of themselves; now daughter to College, her daughters can do much good.

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