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National kindergarten for a ride

To training baby of independent spirit and exploration spirit, play imagination and creativity, United States preschool workers will kindergarten layout into different of activities regional, like: computer district, and books district, and clay district, and plant district, and animal district, and blocks district, and play sandy, and play water district, and cooking district,, let baby himself select activities regional, himself take, and put toy and items, activities end Hou himself Pack places.
In order to develop baby's trust for the environment, they will be toys, goods assortment, clear, your baby will not feel strange, because I could not find anything lost or disturbed.
In order to let the baby learn to get along, toys, items prepared by energetic and need baby can get without having to compete for it. Also, different regional makes every baby can freely activities together with several partners, exchanges and increase their experience in dealing with people. If a dispute between baby, teacher guide they tell each other their ideas so that they learn to communicate.
In order to make baby feel valued, they will be making various lessons: drawings, paper-cut, stuck in a baby's head can be seen in places.
United States kindergarten education goal 1, curiosity, imagination and creativity, play to their potential, in all aspects of development.
2, can find and solve problems, with an independent spirit and curiosity.
3, can respond to ************ requirements, have a sense of trust, responsibility, and self-esteem.
4, able to express their needs, learn to share and work with others, and peer interaction in a friendly way.
5, continue to improve the accuracy of body movements, hand-eye coordination.
6, game knowledge, experience, and to sum up the experience, classification.
7, through the development of artistic skills and cognitive skills, develop their social and emotional.
8, developing learning skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, but does not force them to learn, so they can according to their ability to learn.
United Kingdom nursery in United Kingdom nursery school classroom, teachers rarely use the lecture method of imparting knowledge, but mainly to group and individual counselling, babies are free to choose snacks, playing computer, learn to draw or play a variety of games, through their own actions and to explore knowledge and training skills.
All teaching methods are fully reflects child "subjective" concept, in line with the psychological characteristics of the baby. Like, in read story book of when, let baby dress up role to deduction story, and understanding plot, and experience characters feelings; in explained "floating" and "sank" meaning of when, let baby in water basin in placed plastic tablets, and iron tablets, and pieces for observation; with entertainment software, let baby in computer Shang through game awareness shape, and number, learning chess, and go maze,...... Fully meet the baby's curiosity, let them experience the joy of exploration.
In the activity, the teacher never emphasized the uniqueness of answers, the various explanations for the baby, as long as there is reasonable, or imaginative, are given a high assessment.
United Kingdom nursery school education objectives 1, language competence, independence and creativity.
2, development of capacity to listen, observe, discuss, experiment.
3, focused on the interests and personality training, focus on capacity development.
4, focus on thinking and imagination, show themselves in the open environment.
5, love the idea, casting and confident personality, exercising social skills.
France closely to early childhood and family education in kindergarten, is France a feature of early childhood education. To the kindergarten curriculum, environment issues such as layout, activities, not in kindergarten is in charge, but to fully hear the views of parents, discuss and decide together with the parents Council; small to each child in the home and in kindergarten, teachers are using the parents ' pickup time to communicate, so that better co-ordination in education.
Peppered with painting and art activities into teaching methods. By using a variety of materials and tools for painting, organizing puppet show, playing roles such as dress up games, development of baby language, emotional expression, artistic expression and creative abilities.
They attach great importance to science and technology activities, as children grow older and growing. In practice and brain of a baby making, put together in activities such as demolition, repair, understanding the properties of things, characters and understand the relationships between things.
France kindergarten education goal 1, to improve the body's balance and harmony.
2, development of oral expression ability, if you can express your thoughts, feelings and needs.
3, actively interacting with teachers, peers.
4, the development of artistic expression and creativity, and improved artistic ability.
5, created by the development of free exploration, independent spirit.
6, to obtain the elementary knowledge and skills in science and technology.
New Zealand of kindergarten kindergarten focused on let parents and community of other personnel with participation to teaching process in the, makes baby in family, and community, and kindergarten different of environment in, through and different object of Exchange, to awareness himself is "social" in the of a copies child, and knows, regardless of gender, and capacity, and age, and race, and social background,, himself are should get respect, while also to respect others.
New Zealand kindergarten aims of education 1, physical and mental health, happy, safe from harm.
2, adapt to kindergarten "small community" of daily life, can judge right and wrong.
3, life-wide learning and all-round development.
4, the full development of the personality, and learn with peers to learn from each other.
5, develop language skills and non-verbal communication skills, and use different methods of creation and expression.
6, learn through active exploration, gaining control of the body and confidence.
7, learning to think and reason, nature and society.
Japan's kindergarten in kindergarten, each baby has their own dress, organizing your closet, clean utensils, placing tables and chairs. And wear very little, drinking cold water, food was served cold.
A lot of outdoor sports, hiking is the important subject of the kindergarten. Their movements are rich and varied, there is in our view not suitable for babies, items that may cause dislocation, sprain, such as swinging ropes, Monkey bars, climbing rope, sand, diamond cave, Sumo, balance beam, and so on. These movements can train your baby are not afraid of the spirit, strong body and dexterity skills, and in practice there is no baby was found damaged.
Hiking is not only exercise your baby's physical, and specimens back to display tasks, babies often was in high spirits, active and creative participation in activities.
Who's recognition of traffic lights, you must walk on the sidewalk, knew fire or earthquake comes, how to protect themselves, and so on, is essential for the kindergarten class.
Japan the educational goals of kindergartens 1, do things themselves; 2, perseverance, defy difficulties; 3, will be giving away your learning; 4, there are practical ability; 5, healthy energetic; 6, to understand traffic and earthquake safety.
Austria's kindergarten Austria kindergarten teachers make full use of fairy tales, space and other material in the world, let your baby through play fairy tale characters, self-made fairy tales, as a space tourist games, the wings of imagination, but also promoted the development of creativity. Comparison between imagination and reality, baby has mastered the method of reason.
Kindergarten has specialized in hand, have exclusive use of baby planes, saws and other tools have special kitchens, inside the device is also suitable for use in babies. Babies in the game of labor, not only improves the ability of full confidence in their abilities, and emotional understanding of what social work.
Austria was a "music country" attaches great importance to musical education, kindergartens as well. In order to develop the baby's ear and sense of rhythm, music teacher must be provided on guitar, and teachers must also be a musical instrument. Music education is not compulsory but children learn, not distort the free development of children for learning music nature, not "supervise" children learn music (including music) approach.
They will also draw combined with the appreciation of poetry, encouraging baby to his drawings, sculptures and woodcut works, to create a nursery rhyme to describe in a few words, and reading it out. These seems to be an artist to do things, to the baby said, most qualified for this kind of creative work.
Austria kindergarten education objective 1, development of the imagination and rational thinking ability; 2, develop practical abilities, formation of self-confidence; 3, as the basic music literacy, stimulate interest in the music, and developing musicality and rhythm and develop other artistic abilities

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