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Yang LAN and fathered a son: can not succeed but it cannot grow

You must have a willingness to grow. Grow and happen to you something different: you create it, you live it.
So she does not feel that the Prodigy have any good or what aspect of the child must have a particularly striking achievement, but she sincerely hopes that the child to be a happy person, and happiness to others. To this end, Yang LAN practice, foster children have several habits and character: sporty, compassion, articulate and full of humor.
--Yang LAN 1, not perfunctory, not careless, take seriously every little thing the child in 1996, Yang LAN in the United States gave birth to her son on October 20, 2000, she was again in Shanghai a six pound multiple daughter, she wants to "United States sons daughters of China" mother dreams. For work reasons, she cannot accompany children at all times, but during the crucial period of child development, Yang LAN are on their side. The first few months after the birth of the two kids, she stick with breastfeeding after birth years, Yang has been brought them, although a bit hard, Yang LAN felt value.
Yang still remember his son for a long time in a scene from the age of one. After her son was born, Yang LAN for the first time on business for a long time, leaving his son for five days. Came home the other day, she found his son face particular levels, first turned face, hold back for a long time after the injustice crying out loud, finally my eyes LAN are also out.
Son had this extremely rich expression, fixed heavily on Yang's heart, she realized that young children cannot leave mother before the age of three, children need most is security, if accidentally caused the loss will be hard to compensate for. Later, she determined to drop all work order yourself at home for a whole year "full-time moms."
When recalling one's own decision, she has felt particularly pleased, that year, so it was worth it!
However, contradiction impossible to mix every time. Daughter sucking for just three months, just met the Olympic bid, Yang had to run back and forth between Beijing and Shanghai, what should I do? Variety in the heart would not, had tried to struggle but finally had to advance to the daughter she had weaned. Speak of the matter, she continues with a look of frustration. Thanks now elementary school daughter can understand understanding also jokingly said, "Oh, I also do contribution for bid! "
MOM really is not everything, but at least you can do to this article-in the face of every little thing that kids are not careless, not perfunctory, this is Yang's own set of rules. Now her every time, must be told in great detail before you start a child: how long will go, what time to go home, one in the morning or in the afternoon, having dinner late at night ... ... Yang was busy, a trapeze, in situations like this, and could become the piano one of the highest school attendance parents, also accompanied before the son was eight years old he traveled to 15 countries, really surprising. Now she often in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to fly, but for a little more time with children, each trip, she would arrange for the son to airport transfers. Back home, Yang LAN, even if tired no matter how busy, will spend time with children, dedicated to talk to them, listen to everything they say, devote themselves to their world. Kids are smart, knowing MOM hard, is to squeeze time to accompany them.
Together with the children when Yang with their puzzles, stories, will fight with them, and they go to the movies. Some time ago watching The Ant Bully, watching and kids screaming, brought Yang exhibited a lot of happiness.
2, not nervous, not demanding, let the children grow up in reality children grow up, go to school, what kind of school?
In these matters concern, Yang LAN and most parents today are very different. According to the conditions, she can easily find schools, special schools, international schools or more conducive to learning a foreign language. However, both in Shanghai and Beijing, Yang insisted ordinary public schools for their children.
On the son has five grade primary school, so many years later, she never gave him a tutor, nor did he do any extra homework in school counseling, does not even require his grades to top in the class. Yang LAN, remember, only to arrange children's cram school is to learn Chinese calligraphy.
She had such a principle, kids, no matter where in the future, what to do, they are Chinese it is absolutely can not be changed, so had to let excellent Chinese culture into their bloodstream ... ... Yang also did weigh and compare, contrast, Chinese is difficult to learn than English, if the child does not have a Chinese writing environment, it is difficult to learn Chinese. Therefore, the child childhood need to focus on additional course is not math, not in English, it is now many parents ignore the Chinese.
She choose to send their children to public schools as well as a "selfish", is to let children come into contact with the real life, also live in closest to the social realities of the environment, environment for the growth of children is the most reliable and useful.
Everyone knows that, at present, there is fierce competition between examination-oriented education to enable students, every mother are worried their children could meet. Fortunately, Yang LAN son's academic performance is good, can remain in the top three in the class. Said his son, Yang did not conceal his son's admiration.
When we went on to name his son, Yang and his wife had joked, called "Wu (no) the so-called" well, I do not know whether the joke's sake, son of your grades, individual agenda aside, really has a "whatever". Many good students in the class are generally in the class to participate in math, English and other lessons, son age could face and told his mother: "I'm taking part in an unfair competition! "
In fact, it is by no means anything of "whatever", for example, she encouraged his son to compete to be the monitor, with their own student contributions money suffer from leukemia, working actively for the students in the class of service, this is she is very serious about things. Son to be a good leader, a good cadre, he had to try are excellent in every respect, naturally, for academic achievement ... ... Once at school and an unruly students in his class had an argument, result led to punch back. Son quietly pulled the student into the toilet "private settlement": the two men had a fight, play tired, his son apologized and said he had advised the wrong way, but is intended to maintain the class honors, so please understand, the last two people shaking hands ... ... When my son told her mother about it, she praised a, for his able to resolve conflict rather than just turn to the teacher to complain. Yang said, and kids about something they care about, in fact, is MOM's should concentrate seriously because this is often the best time to teach your child about the truth in life.
A psychologist once said: "no matter how careful you are, your kids will leave some trauma. "So she has been telling myself, mothers do not get too nervous, not to children is too much to ask for, in many cases, the relationship between parents and children is one of the most natural, and it is important how to make yourself better.
Yang Lan also hope children can more is art influence, so grew up arrangements they learning piano, didn't expected, with in a home, son and daughter of situation different: son learn has not to one years on began not patience, playing has retreat; despite has brother of "bad example", can daughter playing a began on fans Shang has piano, every day will requirements more play more practice, completely without others urged...... She realized that really shouldn't impose adult ideas into children, and in many cases, do not care about the option and their consistent, trying too hard on children's education issues parents may have the opposite effect.
On one occasion, son school get-together, teacher prior to communicate with Yang LAN, she did a three-minute speech at the meeting. Even Yang himself had not expected, she survived numerous scenes of, even for the three-minute speech extremely nervous, for fear that don't make him satisfied and fear parents feel sentimental, more afraid of embarrassment to his son. Son see Mom's fear, also see the mother seriously, she eventually finished down, son has been highly praised. She concluded: "in fact, children will care much about attitudes of parents. "
Children develop good character, integrity is very important today, some Mommy cultivate "prodigies" as your baby's early education goals, and although some mothers want the freedom of children to have a happy childhood, but I don't know how to go about it.
Yang LAN do not think child prodigies have what or what aspect of the child must have a particularly striking achievement, but she sincerely hopes that the child to be a happy person, and happiness to others. To this end, Yang LAN practice, foster children have several habits and character: sporty, compassion, articulate and full of humor.
Everyone knows Yang English exceptionally good, but when she's with child, never seriously done English tutoring, she spent most of the time they are not especially good at sports, skating with her children, go to the stadium. Once when skating with her daughter, she accidentally broke his tailbone, raising the injury or continue toward the stadium. More recently, children like cartoons in the Prince of tennis, made you want to learn to play tennis, she not only encouraged them, also joined in. She found that children like to exercise with their mother. To this end, Yang LAN and the kids agreed, a sweat at least twice a week.
Children also have charitable feelings.
Son, Yang finished telling him God and Solomon's story and asked: "If God can give you a gift, what do you want? "Of course, Solomon asked for wisdom in the story, the son said, he hoped that all the world's children are healthy ... ... Yang LAN was pleased to praise his son: "you than Solomon is amazing! "
Later, son monitor when caring people at school, because he would have discussed and reached a consensus with my mother: the monitor is to sacrifice yourself for all services. Yang LAN, there are many kinds of work, but as long as it is and cause-related, she will be home to two children in detail "report", telling them the meaning of charity, children are proud of MOM's things.
Yang believes that skills training is so important, is the key to success of a person. Therefore, she encourages children to express their views, in particular, his own ideas. When you take them to a friend's House, she was openly described by children themselves. Even when a child is angry, she would do everything possible to encourage them to speak out.
There is the cultivation of a sense of humor, although not very easy to do, but it's still worth the effort. At home, whenever they say something funny humorous, fun of the LAN will lose no time to laugh, while giving the response and appreciation. She later found out, cartoon books and cartoon and kids is a good way to develop and strengthen a sense of humor, laughter when one language will naturally become smart and humorous.
In Yang's view, as a mother, the biggest task is to foster a healthy personality and way of thinking. Knowledge of language, mathematics teachers can teach, but how to deal with frustration, how to deal with jealousy, how it fits into an unfamiliar environment, it needs a mother to teach him. Physical and mental health is, at least, is the most critical. So that children can communicate with others without hindrance, optimistic attitude about everything, the character development is important for all his life.
Yang LAN's son loves drawing, draw a cartoon or something, but when, the children lined up asking him to paint. Yang LAN and her son said: "whether or not to send my mother a few? "Right now, she is the child's picture hangs in the Office, she thinks that it is a respect for the kids and more kids ' creative thinking is encouraged.
For a time, managing children transferred from Shanghai to Beijing, son unhappy at first, always complain about when it comes to Beijing to see Shanghai's teachers and students. Initially Yang LAN think told children make some new friends adapted about on good has, later Yang LAN see has a this taught mother how in life of different situation in education children of psychology book, which has a section told of is moved, book in said moved in adults mind in the not pieces special big of thing, but in children small of mind in the, is is pieces big of thing, because he to has a new of environment, other students are has mutual into has friends, and he is a strangers, he to faced many of select. Book says, parents at this time, do not use the new circle of friends to comfort a child, which gave him a sense of betrayal, guilt, he feels a new friend, you can forget old friends. You must help him keep in touch with old friends. Later, she volunteered to help his son collect contact Shanghai students and teachers, and advised him to call old friends over time, returned to Shanghai to meet with them the party.
Yang LAN, a wise mother should observe the child's potential and talent, her task is to lay the Foundation for children, as for what kids do in the future, her mother is unable to design. Also, don't make a complain about MOM, some women like to complain, complain of social injustice, children filial piety is to blame, blame bad man ... ... Even love has turned into an endless nagging, you know that a complaining mother, lethal to children!
Yang said that his idea of "wise mother" image, first of all you want to know how to raise children in a scientific way, and then let the child have a balanced State of mind, to know how to communicate with people, but also confident, independent, give the child a loving environment is very important, a loving, caring home for children's growth is extremely important.

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