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Effective elimination of anxiety before a test of four gold cheats

Recently, with the college entrance examination approaches, some candidates began to appear more obvious anxiety before an exam. Although the studies very hard every day, but due to the long period of intensive learning, many people learning has produced a sense of disgust and helplessness, seems to be down, ineffective; some students even harder on the contrary, it more. For this reason, many students and parents worry about the hope that there will be some concrete methods to help deal with stress, confidence.
First, it is recommended that you develop a clear study plan; we all know, people are worried, mainly because of fears about uncertain future events, it is not clear what will happen, or don't know how to do. Therefore, in view of the current study, develop a clear plan of study is very important. This can be combined with all college entrance examination, in terms of implementing composed scores and results, and plan-specific content, such as: total require 610 points, 135 points in English, English composition, mathematics, probability, physics, electromagnetic-content is a specific implementation.
Secondly, at learning before the end of the day, adding a sum up link, which I often require students to do "think". Every day think about, what I learned today, and learn what's going on. This will to a large extent, let you feel every harvest, a sense of achievement, from a sense of psychological security progress every day.
Again, take the form of aloud to let off steam. Many candidates faced pressure no hair, causing negative emotions pile up serious. Combining Chinese college entrance requirements for chapters to be recited aloud, contribute to emotional catharsis and adjustment. Reviewed the recitation sections, and regulating emotions, two birds with one stone.
Finally, combining different types of subject, summarize the problem lines, similar questions are combined, pose a problem of stepwise discriminant line, which will effectively address fears entrance encountered no problems of anxiety and stress. Just think, once you have the problem lines, be it encounter any problems, you know how to go about, then there is nothing to worry about and feel anxious?

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