Parent class

The meeting, the bedraggled father teaches us a lesson

My son's primary school parents for the last time, I, before the parents, because the reason I work exclusively by my wife to attend.
Seven o'clock whole, students of parents land gradually continued to align, signed had to, found himself children of seat, followed by sat down. see obtained, everyone are is carefully dress has about, clothes are compared glamorous decent, difference just some people thick loaded yan wipe, some no; I has two a parents go sexy route, Feng milk fertilizer hip, go in classroom in, let people feel somewhat alien.
When you sign in, some parents are polite, others are defiant, others are subtle caution, some parents carefree; one parent behavior unusual, provoked a vote of other parents tired of countless evil eyes. as she saw the teacher, opening sentence, "the teacher, it is no wonder that Yu Hsu is so bad is because you put her in the final!" Said finished took pen brush brush signed finished name, readily will pen a threw, heads held high Michael open step towards second group away from podium recently of location go to, regardless of 3,721, a ass on SAT has down, high heels and cement floor friction of voice quite of harsh. this love this King, slightly somewhat quality of parents, all shook his head, teacher oblique see has she a eye, not acting she, continues to greeted other parents sign.
Will be at 7:30, as the time approaches, the teacher every now and then looked up at the clock on the wall, and patiently answers all kinds of questions from parents, same problem, a parent asked, b parents are asked again, poor teachers, will not open, estimated has gone giddy.
Time's up, teacher motioned for all parents to be quiet, gently close the door, teacher cleared his throat, was preparing to talk, just shut the door gently away.
I saw a middle-aged man, dusty appeared in the doorway, with a smile on your face, use Mandarin keeps saying sorry to his teacher.
It was not, but caught all parents eye; he wears a faded Blue work clothes, there are spots of colored paint pants are covered with dust, a hanging, a drooping, wearing boots, covered with mud. Look, you know that just came from the construction site.
"The parents: your children are ...." and "I'm Wang Zhihao Daddy!" Oh .... "teacher revealing surprising surface.
"Teacher, where do I sit?" Watch a room full of parents, unable to find seats Wang Zhihao's father could not be asked, the classroom is a laugh.
"The parents, please sit back, end where is your child's location, this location is the location of Wang Zhihao. "" What? "my son sat last? no wonder my son well. "I saw a well-dressed, wearing high heels woman reluctantly stood up.
"Your parents, I can now tell you that just came in, it keeps asking questions!" The teacher paused and gently said, "our school, there is no problem of learning is good or bad to rows of seats, all with the preferred height; Stephen Green, the smallest, make an appointment for my nearest location. "With that, teachers go back to Green's father said," Please sign here! " I saw green take the pen's father, a face of fear, turned a 360 degree sign in, do not know how to write.
Teacher thought he was Green's name could not be found, immediately came out with her fingers and said, "you just sign here." Old teacher, I, I can't read .... "Mr Green's father, his head low low. classrooms and burst into laughter.
"Oh, it's OK, it's OK, I sign it instead, you please return to green seats." You parents, today this parents will, is this semester of last once parents will, thanks you parents has been yilai on we work of vigorously support; today does, on short, I know, all parents are care himself children of results, ' hopes ', is each parents of wish, today of will, is please learning results good of parents came to power to, tells about himself education children of method and experience. "
Uproar in the classroom, teachers and waved, motioned for silence.
"Now, Xu Hao Jie's parents came to power....." look at Xu Hao Jie's mother stood up, the teacher continues, "Xu Hao Jie about this child, there is a merit, raise your hand to speak, handing in homework, class never say little things ...."
Parents of Xu Hao Jie finished two consecutive parents came to tell their parenting experience, no nothing, just how strict the kid, let the child do homework help tutor ... ...
When teachers point to the Green parents stage, chattering DIN classrooms, ya que no. It's come as a surprise, he was so poor, his children, why so good?
Green father's unnatural bent down and stood up, when I go out, carelessly, kicks down the bench, tinkling sound, even a couple of sorry, quickly righting a stool, slowly stepped onto the platform.
"Hey Hey Hey ...." Mr Green father smile a few times, eyes looking at sits underneath the parent.
"Mr Green is that we learn the best student in the class, his math grades, has been ranked in the first place, the child is very hard, never late, and everyone played well, now will you please be quiet, listen to Mr Green say he is how we educate our children. "
"The experience I can't say, I just love seeing my children with homework every day after work, no matter how tired I will sit next to her son to watch him do his homework. "
Chi Ho father paused, looked at the teacher, the teacher smiles waved him on.
"One day, my son asked me, Dad, you sat next to me and watched me do my homework every day, do you understand this job? "
"I said, I don't understand. "My son asked me," Dad, you don't understand, how did you know I was going to do or not to do? "
I said, "if my son do it quite quickly, pick up the pen, brush brush, I knew this topic would do well do if my son to drive the fan, drink water, I knew it, this topic difficult.
Pretty quiet in the classroom, a needle on the floor, estimates were audible, additional classrooms and more people to go home, it was through the Windows to listen to.
"I'm doing the construction work, usually busy, say education, I didn't take the time to educate him, which is usually chatting with him, he saw me pick up stones, dig in the dirt when I was chatting with him.
I said, son, you can't imagine Jiang Ze--,--, the President abroad?
Son, I think. I said, that you read Mr. The son nodded.
I looked at my hand-built high-rise, I asked him again, son, do you want to live high, big, beautiful House?
The son nodded. I said, that you read Mr.
Run very fast on the road, long, dark, paint shiny car, I asked my son wanted for such a long stretch of car?
Son said he wanted to. I said, that you read Mr.
I haven't read the book, do not know how to, deep sense of the children's education was not found, can only come when you work, see, and chat with his son, watching his son kept nodding, I'm just happy, I'm happy, he likes to touch his son's head. Son like squatting beside me, look at my work, sometimes, and pass me a glass of water; my little pocket money to the son, hardly gives, so, my son is not online, but wouldn't go into Internet cafes or go out and buy something to eat, a lot of time at home doing housework and sometimes also help me to wash clothes.
We do construction work, nowhere was home, where site, home is where the saying experience, I really don't have much experience, I just like to stay together with their children, like to see him do his homework, likes to touch his head, like to ask him ... ... Thank, thank a teacher, education so well my son, so sensible, you have worked hard! "
With that, he deeply bowed to her teacher!
This bow, and deeply shocked at the hearts of all parents. We, parents, ever thought about asking the teacher bowed, and said a thank you to teachers, say a hard? Poor grades are bad, blame the teachers didn't teach children well, credit is their own. Compare with illiterate parents green, those of us who read the book in a few days, really ashamed Ah.
When I was in meditation when Stephen Green's father had gently back in the seat, classrooms into thunderous applause.
"Your parents, do not know Chi Ho did you hear parents say, what do you think? Knowledge can created wealth, again more of money is buy not to knowledge; usually more accompany accompany children, only 0 distance understand has children, we to found right education children of method; you usually always blame I no more tube you of children, can Dang I put you of children need corrected of place notification members parents, to Members Parents daily supervision children of job, and signature Shi, you has several bit parents do has? You are always busy, busy! Every can you sit, please cover yourself, your green parents who favor? You look at Standard Chartered's homework, what day did not have his father's signature? Less played a few rounds of Mahjong, shopping less supermarket, instead of watching TV for more than 10 minutes, like Mr Green's father, sitting next to children doing homework, it's difficult? That takes a lot of time? Will be opened here today, the new semester is about to begin, I wish every student to learn and progress! Let all of us parents, Xiang Zhihao dad learning the meeting! "
A few extra words ... ...
New semester school has, I son Shang has middle school a grade, school home, noon dinner Shi asked son has whether see green, son shake has shake has head said, green documents not qualified (home amorphous by, cannot provides housing rental contract and family planning service card) degree no application to, home reading to has; temporary Shi, Green said, Shenzhen too beauty has, in home read finished junior high school, must to to Shenzhen read high school!
With that, my son touched his chest piece of plastic that lucky charms, which is green for son's Memorial, my son used to be at the same table with him; and my son sent him a mint plant, said mosquito repellent, because the site has a lot of mosquitoes.
Let us wish, pray, wish he wishes early! Official start of the new semester, I wish all the children of the world, grades, healthy and happy!

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