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Question 1: are parents asking homework my children, by the mathematical calculations are always wrong. There are way more rigid and will not be swayed, not Lenovo doesn't. not skipping. composition knew not coherent. work slow ...
Education experts answer: math error there may be two reasons, one is their knowledge not available, error cannot be applied, the second is caused by careless errors. From the description of your situation, your child does not have complete knowledge structure, so in dealing with mathematical problems, thinking, not flexible use. Because mathematics in the characteristics of each stage varies, please inform your child's grade and specific analysis of the situation so that we have targeted to, and give you advice.
Question 2: Li Jiachang asks: Hello! My children with homework no matter hard or easy is dragging, go ask him to do the job is playing or watching TV, and he is not willing to write or play while doing, talk to me he doesn't listen, he is now interested in eating, on learning and unwilling to use their brains. Ask the experts what to do. Thank you the education expert answer: from your description, your child has shown the situation is mainly the result of lack of interest. This problem can occur because the following aspects: children may usually be overcritical, that makes a child feel depressed, have a "force majeure"; or it may be because many had experienced failure, no successful experience. Children on the interest, three aspects are very important: to enable children to understand that learning about their meaning, experience in the sense of achievement through their own efforts. First, the values, that is, the study tasks can help children gain a sense of achievement, second, intrinsic value or interest value, namely, children take pleasure from the activity itself; third, the utility value, which allows children to take to solve the problems he wanted to solve. Children need encouragement, recognition and appreciation, to be effective, enhance their interest in learning. Therefore, you can to educate children in several ways. 1, for children with homework time should not be too long. Operation lasts about 20 minutes at a time. Be sure to rest for a few minutes in the Middle, his activities, if the job is done well, should be to give child a small reward to reinforce this behavior. 2, to continue to stimulate the children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Often bring their children to visit the Museum, the Zoo and the library, his horizons, increase knowledge, stimulate his ambition. 3, due to his interest (such as "eat, play, watch TV") as the external incentives to stimulate the children with homework, exercise-books before he transferred to. Of course, when you coach children, attention should be paid according to the child's specific learning conditions, arranges for his competence in the topic, building up his confidence. 4, if you want to get the children interested in learning, to let children know that parents love reading and studying, and thirst for knowledge was strong. Parents are their children's mirror, is the child's role model.
Question 3: Zhao Jiachang asks: Hello my teacher son called BGI is 14 years old, on the third day to learn academically and learning initiative is bad. I gave him from junior tutor him, but poor results. Your child is prone to do one of the following conditions, say my children are basically exists, I am confused do not know what to do.
Education experts answer: in General, really good tutor should be carried out not only on the knowledge of learning guidance, more important is the child's situation, guide the children in maintaining motivation on the basis of mastering a child learning strategy or approach. In fact, in the case of children lack the initiative often comes with some bad habits, if not very good children, will get him into trouble, experience difficulties in learning. Educational psychology point of view, the situation for your child, there are two main reasons. Either he does not understand that learning about their significance and value; the other is children's Foundation is not very good, which is strong enough grasp of the original knowledge, resulting in difficulty when learning new knowledge, it will be with a certain degree of negative emotions, because children learn knowledge is accompanied by certain emotions stored in the brain. So, to wants to let students active active of into learning among, must let he see learning can to children brings of achievements value, that the learning task can makes students get achievements sense; inner value or interest value, that students from activities itself get fun, like a a concept and students of has has concept occurred conflict, can is good of mobilization students of learning interest; utility value, that can let students took to solution she wants to solution of problem. In education in schools, some teachers in order to improve the students ' ability, are often difficult for assigned students of learning tasks, only a small part of the student is qualified, this frustrates others incapable of students, over time, will feel no sense of accomplishment, learning boredom. Once you have this kind of reaction, it will form a vicious circle, just as learning a task to complete, and not able to experience the fun of learning, it is impossible to stimulate students ' motivation for learning. Now the third day, facing tests, mastery of the knowledge requirement higher, more comprehensive knowledge, children grasp the whole from the whole Middle school learning. Need to develop a study plan at this time, effective use of time and plug the knowledge deficiencies prior to on the one hand, on the other hand they are familiar with the knowledge structure, comprehensively. As a parent, from the development of students ' interest to start with. Each students are has in he seems important of things, can put this interest and learning task contact up, let he for learning of value has a personally of experience; set reasonable and slightly has challenging of learning task, let students constantly experience to efforts Hou success of joy, avoid students because was to competent and retreat even gave up, gradually guide students put attention put to knowledge itself up. Can will let children come into contact with in their daily lives the subject concept, so that they understand the meaning, and obtain emotional success, so he would know how to class every day what to do to further enhance learning, forming a virtuous circle, true power within this learning into their own, maintain a good shape to face the tests.
Question 4: weeks parent asks: Hello! I of daughter 14 age, has read junior high school II grade, yiqian results has been in medium State, family job can Ann Shi completed, but preview, review this two items do up always perfunctory, but this paragraph time has has several inducted into teacher call told I, said she class total cannot concentrated energy lectures, job has do not out of on copy answers, I also good with she talk had, each she are said will corrected, can is modified can't, results also more to up backwards, midterm has fell to countdown 12 name, I know she not not smart, Is what refuses to learn, I don't know how to guide her, words of encouragement also said, condemning many, maybe she didn't listen, I'm really upset is dead, can you help me with these, please?
Education experts answer: she is learning every day for how long? Own arrangements? Also be arranged? She can complete the necessary tasks? For help on specific issues should be reflected in the student, and general encouragement for her will not be much help. Adolescent children, pay attention to the correct guidance. Specific situation you can call.
Question 5: Zhang Jiachang asks: Hello! I am here to learn for the first time! Because my son was in third grade, spelling a lot. We talked about the two words every day, and cheated on me today and said, "to review the words! "But I checked is not like that, I thought, and gas, beat him up, and now I am sad! If you were me, would you do it?
Education experts answer: before you because nothing else beat him? He might be lying in order to avoid a beating, or other adverse outcome. For spelling problems you can always in groups of 5, loop scroll. Students reduces the amount of memory at a time, and total amount of learning is not reduced, in the case of successfully completing learning tasks, improve self-efficacy.

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