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Question 6: Chen jiachang asked:   my daughter is in the second grade, she studies very hard, outside of teacher assignments, is not willing to do anything, her Division Word problems were not very good, I would like to ask her to do some problems, but she was not done, and I don't know what to do, please help me!
Education experts answer: can lift the application of very good questions, requires students to be able to have deep understanding of the concept of Division. Students feel difficulties in relieving method applied questions, often because of the difficulties in understanding on the concept of, plus superior methods of interaction so that students can mean writing into an equation, or not sure if conversion errors. Now that she is not interested in specialized topics, so you can play with her favorite things and find these things and Division of factors, because her attention is often focused on at this time, you can be impressed by and she explored the concept of Division. Solve problems in life. She inadvertently understood Division. As long as the lack of knowledge, this method can refer to.
Problem 7: d parents asked:    Hello: I son this year 6 years level, for hours Hou Chang sick, parents also is not at education, grew up no habit learning of good habits. now daily school morning are is fear late. but learning does not seriously. home job more is drag have very! almost daily get 11 points around sleep. parents almost pull no policy! not know how to inspired he seriously learning improve learning efficiency, speed up job speed. thanks!
Education experts answer: from the information that you provide, your child can follow the school rules. Children's learning problems, most likely because children face difficulties in learning tasks are unfit or. This job will pay a great deal of time at a time, gradually formed a "drag" habits. You can leave your child the previous exam papers (or even two or three grades) collected in the wrong, then let him do it again, look at the situation, to make a preliminary diagnosis. Under normal circumstances, prerequisites for successful learning in itself includes pre basic skills. Front-skills if students cannot meet the requirements of learning goals, he will find it difficult and hopeless, homework becomes a "painful" but had to complete the "task". In addition, children are willing to write his writing speed like? You want to make a deeper understanding.
Question 8: Li Jiachang asked my performance has been good:9    primary school, primary school learning much easier. But since junior high school, my grades dropped, but very tired. I am a very inferior, that his mind is not easy, I will not read, my interest in mathematics as a discipline, but I have a problem I just can't figure it out even more inferior. You advise me to do? You say you want to read a good mathematical mind will do better? Learn what math is most important? Olympiad topics at home I do now, and there are, you say what I would most like to do? If I use nearly a month can I improve it? Class participate in the Olympiad results?
Education experts answer: as a teacher, we very much appreciate your attitude towards earnest. You put some solving in mathematics learning failures attributed to the mind is not easy, question their intelligence and had an inferiority complex, which is not a scientific and comprehensive. Most tasks are due to the failure of pre basic skills gap caused by the low level of automation. You will go to ride a motorcycle in front of body balance are not available, the possibility of failure. Many students think that intelligence is innate, lucky is that studies have shown that intelligence is growing. You can easily find someone who believed that intelligence through training and increased efforts, then he became a good student much easier. If students ' intellectual growth concept, he was more concerned about the knowledge itself is not impressive, his policy more and more willing to accept the challenge, because he believes that diligence is the key to successful learning. Learning math, the key is learning and thinking method of mathematical problems, and the ability of their logic.
Question 9: Zhang Jiachang asked:    grade, high school; sex, male; age, 15. Our school has a liberal arts and science, I chose science, but my high on art than science. Science scores in the 150 or so now, there are over more than 900 science students in grades, but I think I read scores of liberal arts would be better, so hesitant, I am very anxious, school was agreed to. High school next semester, students also have to change in my class and want expert advice about how I choose.
Education experts answer: under normal circumstances, high school science students in College can choose science and engineering courses, and selecting liberal arts majors. But to study liberal arts transfer science and engineering will become very difficult. Of course at the time of Division, first consider their own interests. If you really feel for arts interest is very strong, not impulse, and your judgment is developed on the basis of scientific tests, rather than "what do you think" "you think" take for granted on the basis of, then you change is acceptable. Conditions permitting, you can ask the teacher to do evaluation, as your reference for making decisions. Finally, no matter what decision you make quick decisions, and long swing, it is a waste of time for you.
Question 10: Chen jiachang ask:    experts are good! I son second half of on Shang four second has, he learning has been lack initiative, not active arrangements learning plans. in school class not seriously listens, class job also remember not full, often was teacher criticism, and we as parents repeatedly urged education, weekend again lessons to he, only barely with Shang, in home listening to cute, a home old not he has is he of world has, often lies, but he never for bad, also is smart, well-meaning will truth also missing effect, As parents worried. How can I change his attitude about education experts answer: your question is about how to stimulate students ' motivation of learning problems. From the description of your situation, children in learning initiative is relatively low, he has no experience to learn about their significance. Under normal circumstances, low motivation of students teaching intervention, from the development of students ' interest to start with, every student has in his opinion, important things, this interest and he could be linked to the learning task, let them learn the value of a personal experience. To do this requires education to the students a more profound understanding. The so-called "know and be able to save the lost." Secondly, it should set a reasonable and somewhat challenging task. Students continue to experience the joy of effort successful. Students avoid because they feel incompetent and retreat or give up. Third, guide students step by step to focus the knowledge itself. Specific methods are "cognitive conflict of laws".

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