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And develop tight "small languages" talent

News talent shortage in Shanghai, starting this year, lack of language training will be included in the Shanghai talent training project, involving Spain language, Italy, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Portugal, Arabic and other 8 languages. Now Shanghai's major training institutions for language training is on the rise. The most popular French, German and Spain language training, entry price generally around 2000.
It is reported that the students may participate this fall first 8 languages of Shanghai City examination for the first time, successful candidates will be issued by the Shanghai Office of the shortage of the certificate of training engineering training urgent talents in Shanghai.
Minor languages lack of talent has been plagued by many travel agencies in Shanghai. 2004 data show that overseas tourists to Shanghai 3.8545 million journeys. In several States, in addition to outside the United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Thailand, Italy, are non-English speaking countries, but the lack of minority language tour guide Shanghai travel agency.
In addition, the National Bureau of foreign language training center in the translation of their culture on a free lecture series also revealed that China Post translation professionals employed about 60,000 people and conservative demand of about 500,000 people in the industry, along with the social and economic development, and soon "may reach 1 million people".
It is understood that the Shanghai many renowned training institutions offering language training courses are mostly German, French, Japanese, Spain language, a few Korean and Russian courses, also plans to open Italy, and Portugal, and Netherlands languages, and so on. French, German and Spain of the induction phase of the language around 1500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan, higher level at about 4500 to 5000 Yuan, higher close to million.

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